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Henderson Worx is firmly dedicated to providing a premium service for our clients, for more than 15 years already. From A – Z, we understand the valuable potential of displays and promotions at key times of the year – for all venues, large or small.

Creative Fashions within the industry changes, as well as any customer requirements. Our creative team thrives on producing amazing traditional proposals, as well as the challenge of designing cutting edge contemporary pieces to set the pace in modern displays. Name it and we’ll do it.

We can also complement corporate themes and marketing programs, to make your campaign even stronger. By combining awareness of client expectations with our years of experience, we can provide the optimum solution and excellence in all aspects of our work. We believe that a project is a partnership and not something that is undertaken by a remote contractor. Our expertise lies in turning your invisible vision into a visible experience.

We recognize that artistic vision, manufacturing quality and safety awareness are paramount to a successful project resulting in unique designs and an unsurpassed quality of workmanship throughout. Our passion is our pride and not the other way around. Let’s reach goals by creating dreams…